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Synthetic Menus (Waterproof, Tearproof, Stain & Heat Resistant)   (347867)
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How Synthetic Waterproof Menus Can Help Your Restaurant
Synthetic Paper is a unique material that is great for menu printing. Not only does it have the feel and look of high quality, thick paper, but it is also extremely durable. Since this paper is made out of plastic, it is naturally waterproof and tear-proof as well as heat and stain resistant. Restaurant menus need to stand up to harsh conditions such as water, heat, and wear; our Synthetic Menus will do just that. They last much longer than paper menus and look great too! With years of experience printing synthetic menus for both large chains and small diners we know a thing or two about Synthetic printing. With our own research and development team just for Synthetic substrate, we put our menus through grueling tests to make sure they can stand the test of time in your restaurant. 

Synthetic is also available for other applications where durable documents are needed.

Why Waterproof Menus?
There are several benefits to printing on synthetic paper as well. Since we print directly onto synthetic there is no need for additional finishing that will hinder your customers view at your mouth watering meals as well as making colors more vibrant. Synthetic printing allows your menus to still be

  • Lightweight
  • Elegant
  • Flexible
  • More cost-effective than lamination


Since synthetic menus are derived from PVC,  they are waterproof and tearproof as well as being heat and stain resistant.


Goodbye Lamination

With Synthetic Menus there is no need for lamination that will hinder your customer’s view of your beautiful menu. While many restaurants use lamination as a way to preserve the life of their menus, it sometimes can cause more harm than good. 

Not only is it more expensive than Synthetic Menu sheets but it also is susceptible to cracking, peeling and puncturing which will ultimately decrease the life of your menu. 

Also, once the lamination’s seal is broken liquids and bacteria can seep into your menu causing the condition to worsen.

Paper Options
Synthetic Paper This relatively new paper stock isn’t quite paper. It’s made from a plastic material that is both durable and professional. Images and colors still pop off the page, and the menus are tear proof and water resistant, making them last in even the toughest kitchens. 

14 Mil Synthetic Paper
Most commonly used for printing flat Single Sheet Menus as well as Menu Books that are bound using a plastic spiral coil or metal wire-o binding. Each sheet has 2 views or pages, the front, and the back.

12 Mil Synthetic Paper
Most commonly used for folded or saddle stitched menus as the slightly thinner synthetic paper allows the menu to stay folded. Saddle Stitched menus come in page/view counts that are divisible by 4 while folding menus can have a bifold, trifold or even a custom folded!

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